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Serapo and Fontania

Serapo and Fontania

Choosing Il Quartuccio means choosing a bed and breakfast near the beautiful beaches of Serapo and Fontania.

Serapo is the main beach of the town of Gaeta.

Its fine golden sand is the peculiarity of this 1.5 kilometers long beach. In the past Serapo was a very large dune, then its width decreased as the sand was used by the ancient glass factory for the manufacture of bottles and traditional demijohns. Today from the beach of Serapo you can admire the beautiful mountain Orlando, the mountain split and the characteristic rock called " Serapo Ship".

The small beach of Fontania on the southern coast of the city of Gaeta, just north-west after the beach of Serapo, still preserves the remains of a great Roman villa dating back to the first century AD. We don't know who the owner was, even if the beach was named after the consul Gnaeus Fonteius or Fonteius Capitone, praetor in Formia. Beyond the sandy creek there are many caves, partially covered by barrel vaults. Two large caves with a single entrance are located on the eastern side. Inside the left one, a small source could explain the etymology of the name! The Roman works extend into the sea on the south side and the inlet in the sea has a row of six large shafts. From this particular set of underwater works, that connects to other underground structures on the beach, comes the idea that maybe the inlet was a great pool communicating with the sea.

Il Quartuccio makes unique your holidays by the sea, beaches, tastes, traditions and culture.
Il Quartuccio is the ideal bed and breakfast to reach Serapo and Fontania.

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