Il Quartuccio - Gaeta

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Mount Orlando, The Split Mountain, The Turkish Cave and T...

Mount Orlando, The Split Mountain, The Turkish Cave and The Mausoleum of Lucius Munatius Planco

Mount Orlando is an appendage of the Aurunci Mountains. Its northern side was declared Regional Park in 1986. The park, which covers an area of 53 hectares, has a rich and unique vegetation, typical of the hottest areas of the Mediterranean. Anot...

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Serapo and Fontania

Serapo and Fontania

Choosing Il Quartuccio means choosing a bed and breakfast near the beautiful beaches of Serapo and Fontania. Serapo is the main beach of the town of Gaeta. Its fine golden sand is the peculiarity of this 1.5 kilometers long beach. In the past Se...

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Via Indipendenza

Via Indipendenza

Characteristic street full of shops behind the St. Helena area that stretches over 2 km.

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Food and Wine


Gaeta olives:
Olives in brine (locally water olives) that are ideal for a wide variety of uses in Italian recipes and are among the ingredients used by chefs around the world.

The Tiella:
The history of this dish is inextricably linked to Gaeta. The "Tiella" is made putting between two "pizzas" a filling consisting of products from the lands and seas.

Salted anchovies:
The salted anchovies are famous and valuable. They are cured and pressed and, after a period of maturation, are ready to be tasted.

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Emanuela e Marcello Po...
Abbiamo trascorso sei piacevoli giorni al Quartuccio. Lo consigliamo! Camere linde, silenziose e accoglienza molto cordiale da parte di Francesca ...

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